The Steps Involved On How To Become A Truck Driver

Tow truck drivers provide roadside assistance for vehicles that have broken down or for vehicles that have been involved in an accident. Individuals who are interested in pursuing this career must be prepared to spend many hours driving as well as having to work unusual hours or late shifts.

The requirements involved in becoming a tow truck driver include a valid drivers license and a CDL. Below are the steps that are involved:

 1st Step

The candidate must obtain a drivers license in the state that they wish to operate in. The majority of the tow truck businesses will review the applicants driving record to ensure that the person is regarded as a relatively safe driver.

2nd Step

Depending on the type of tow-truck job, the applicant may need a CDL. These requirements are associated with the tow truck size that the person will be driving if they are successful in obtaining employment.

3rd Step

The candidate may be required to take the CDL course. The CDL is a type of licensing program that allows individuals to drive commercial vehicles. A CDL exam typically consists of two parts that include a written and a driving exam. If the instructor for the examination decides that a candidate is able to drive commercial vehicles that will be allocated with a CDL certification. CDL courses can be found on websites such as CDL Course.

4th Step

Searching for a job for tow truck driving can be found online from the various career sites that feature these positions. One of these places can include listing on a site such as Yahoo HotJobs or in the classified section of local newspapers.

5th Step

Candidates are encouraged to take part in on-the-job training. Some companies may prefer experience, but the majority often prefer to train their employees. Training involved for this career includes: learning how to drive a specific vehicle, how to use the tow equipment, roadside assistance in emergency situations and how to hook up the tow.

Tow Trucks

There are three main tow truck types that include: conventional low trucks that feature a sling and a hook that performs the function of raising one side of a vehicles that requires towing, the full-float or wheel-lift trucks that place extra wheels under the axles of a vehicle and the flat-bed trucks which are designed to carry an entire vehicles on the flat surface.  Most of the wreckers like Jerr Dan are the ones you’ll see in most areas of the USA, and that’s where I learned my training.


The TRAA (Towing and Recovery Association of America) provide certification programs for individuals who have the practical experience required in towing. This training can be done online or in person. TRAA is the only institution that holds the national standards for the tow-truck operators and is the only organization to offer the National Driver Certification Program. This program covers equipment and tow trucks, incident management, customer service and safety.

Tow truck drivers will typically work in any type of weather. Ice, snow and other hazards can cause a car crash or dead batteries. To be a successful tow truck driver the individual must be willing to face any type of weather and often traumatic situations.

Vaporizer Pipes Vs. Tobacco Pipes

The demand of vaporizer pipes is increasing exponentially as more and more people are willing to buy this device. A vaporizer pipe allows you to enjoy the taste to tobacco without having to burn it. Come to think of it, isn’t it great that you can satisfy your tobacco craving in a safe way now? When using regular tobacco pipes, users have to burn the tobacco inside the bowl of the pipe in order to inhale smoke. This smoke is not only deadly but also has a bad taste and smell. Also, the smoke burns the tobacco or herbs inside the pipe and kills its active ingredients.

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Compared to a regular tobacco pipe, a vaporizer pipe is much healthier. It is small in size and easy to carry. You can keep your pipe inside your pocket or carry it in your hand. Some manufacturers sell high end vaporizer pipes that are exquisitely designed. These pipes fit perfectly in your hand and also make you look unique.

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Vaping pipes operate in a simple way. These devices use the convection method in order to heat the herbs from the flame of your lighter. The heat from the lighter boils the herbs or tobacco and helps to create vapors. Compared to tobacco smoke, these vapors are more soothing. Remember, that vapors are less dense than smoke. This doesn’t mean that they are ineffective. In fact vapors are much more effective than smoke because vapors only contain the active ingredients from the herbs or tobacco. Moreover, you can use your vaping pipe in public places like restaurants, bars and pubs. This is because these devices are not banned by the government.

Vaping pipes are brilliant and effective. They are the perfect substitute for traditional smoking. Also, vaping pipes are useful for those people who want to quit or control smoking. Unlike smoke, vapors are not addictive. Hence, a lot of people switch to vaping pipes when they want to reduce their tobacco intake. Keep in mind that you should buy your vaporizer pipe from a credible and reliable manufacturer.  There are many reputable options on this review website.  I urge you to check it out.